Making Hard Fun at Home




- Bricolage


- Dr. Seymour Papert's "microworlds"


- Frame projects around Jay Silver's prompt: "I wonder?"


- I wonder how to leverage what we have at home to create meaningful maker projects?


- I wonder if it reflective? Glowdoodle


- I wonder how shapes can make a design? TurtleArt


- I wonder how to draw a song? Plink


- There are many other free applications that encourage a constructionist exploration of the world and testing of children's hypotheses


-I purposefully kept the requirements for this talk to software, since all of the software I talked about is free and easy to acquire


- If I had money to buy one hardware item to supplement my child's explorations, it would be the MaKey MaKey


- We have an opportunity to engage learners of all ages by emphasizing creativity, not consumption

- Questions or comments?


Copyright 2015 Josh Burker