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Blue Keyboard

Page history last edited by Josh Burker 3 years, 10 months ago
Interesting Bends Component Component Notes
BlueKeyboard R13 left C1 right crashes after a few notes
  R1 left R010 right  
  R1 left R010 left  
  R008 left R13 right faint but buzzy
  R13 left R013 right affects timing
  R13 left R015 right affects timing



Momentary mute and 1/4" audio jack added.



Power reset button.



Trying to solder wire to surface mount components: the wrong way to do it.



Burned up resistor above the black blob. Instrument no longer works.


Lessons Learned


Trying to solder a 22 gauge or 20 gauge wire to a SMC component is a bad idea: too much heat gets transferred to the component and it burns out.


Make sure you place components before drilling the case.

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