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The Tyke-iano

Page history last edited by tschiminovich 3 years, 9 months ago

The Tyke-iano is a small plastic toy piano made by "Little Tykes".

Our good bends are:







Above R13


quieter sound and a bit garbled



Distorts noise



Makes a crackling noise


The inside of the Tyke-iano



Added a headphone jack to the back.


Work Diary


Day 1

Today we started our bends. We opened the keyboard, and took all the membranes off.

Day 2

Today we continued to find bends.

Day 3

Today we added our headphone jack and found bend R22-C4.

Day 4

Today we worked on connecting our final bends.


This project was interesting. We learned about how to find bends in instruments. Even simple children's instruments have bends.

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