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ideas generated over the summer

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 10 months ago

Audio Ideas

• Audacity on every Mac: built in microphones; headset for every classroom; training for students: Tech Club members facilitate.

• Podcasts: Lakeride collaborates to produce a podcast every month; what is happening in the classrooms? Spectrum; grade-levels collaborate to produce segments; music and song; SLP; Reading Program; differentiated communication. Areas in server Grade folders for students to save podcasts. iTunes on student Macs has subscription to podcasts. Roadshow with JuiceBoxes with podcasts from 2006-07 to pass around and listen to. New segments could be shared via JuiceBoxes. Tie in podcasts to District breakfast? Tie in podcasts to District Breakfast.

• CD: Tech Club builds an audio CD. Music. Stories. Song. Narrative. Long-term. Best-of podcasts.

GarageBand Unit: with music teacher. Spectrum. Make your own album! Include segments in podcasts as transitions on full pieces.


• Wiki: track long-term projects. How to make work behind firewall? Run internally from G4 Cube? Get Annette involved. 10.5 Server?


• Juice Boxes: assign units to K-5; one per grade. Teacher responsible? Photos and audio. Juicebox folder for conversion. Coordinate with me to load onto cards. Narrative: oral story, use extra unit for visuals.


• iMac kiosk

  1. HS Shop? Build container. No shop: talk to Grant Bower, CAD at HS
  2. HS students come down, take measurements and suggestions from students
  3. average height? Measure-a-thon at recess? gym class?
  4. ventilation and access
  5. touchscreen
  6. content
    1. QTVR
    2. Podcasts
    3. Movies
    4. Photos
    5. student-written help page


• Video super popular. Run 2 projects concurrently? Run all year. Have to have:

  1. storyboard
  2. script/song
  3. collaboration
  4. live-motion
  5. stop-motion
  6. digital
  7. build web site to explain/showcase the movie
    1. S: DV camera?
    2. A: Camera and GarageBand


• Laptops: students write a "grant" proposal to have a 1-1 deployment. They come up with how they want to use the machine. Regular check-ins and presentations. Action research: identify a problem? 3 months.

  1. Brainstorming Sessions: elevator speaches. Sell your project and build a team. This is how you apply for and get a laptop
  2. Ultimately have elementary students conducting action research
  3. re-read AR books and formulate age-appropriate approac
  4. Margaret and CCAR: use collaboration to my advantage to get others to help build content; Brad?
  5. panel presentation: elementary students doing Action Research


• Lakeridge Productions LLC: Transform Tech Club. "We make dreams digital reality." Students work with teachers and me to make a digital project happen.

  1. folded announcement: Jolly Roger: Tech Club is dead. Long live Tech Club. Inside: Introducing Lakeridge Productions. We make dreams digital reality.


• Get other clubs involved: PSAs from the various clubs to sell their dreams


• "Sell Your Dream"

  1. LA tie-in
  2. Elevator speech
  3. video
  4. supporting docs
  5. Interpretive video
  6. not just talking but demonstrating
  7. "if they dream of flying the image could be the sky


• N: animation from his drawings. Start with flip books. Move to animation in Flash. Purchase Wacom tablet for Spectrum Program. Paul from Cadre 8 collaboration: he's working with autistic students, too. Could Fablevision donate Wacom tablets? Work action research into the deployment, Paul and I write a presentation.


• B: Audio CD. Project needs to emphasize collaboration. Get other students to contribute music, song, lyrics. Bryce should build a web site to promote and collaborate. Get parapro involved.


• Wikipedia: S. IEP allows him access to Wikipedia. S., for example, likes the Pixar "Cars" wikipedia page. Students in the Autism Spectrum program should leverage their interests in specific content and Wikipedia to improve entries and to make Wikipedia conntributors' demographics more inclusive.


• Collaborative iPhoto Library. Add from any student computer. Showcase student-voted photos on an internal web page/digital photo frame. CD at the end of the year: fund raising for Club?


• Explorers projects: Google Earth layers of explorer's journey: move away from PPT. Each student can have the voyage loaded in Google Earth on their lab Macs while the presenter talks her way through the voyage. Milestones with locations. Distribute overlay files. An example

Demo with grocery store trip.


• Redesign Teacher laptop config:

  1. Workgroup Manager checkout: if the laptop breaks your data is currently usually stuck on the laptop, without having Lein take it apart
  2. Rsync for Backup
  3. K. helps design, pull in TPT elementary and J.
  4. Podcasts: Audacity vs. GarageBand?
  5. MacBooks: leverage built-in iSight
  6. ComicLife: training


Grade Level Ideas

• Google Earth: second grade MI history

  1. students create KML overlays of meaningful places/reflections on MI
  2. wiki

• Google Earth: fourth grade explorer

  1. Explorers had crews: collaborative project
  2. different crew members use different internet assets: navigator, researcher, PPT/webpage, podcast
  3. demo with trip to the grocery store lesson
  4. Wikipedia was useful for locations to plug in
  5. Also, graphics and maps, fly-through was engaging

• Fifth grade: podcasts

  1. use fifth grade web pages as efolios? Post assignments? Wiki for classes?

• Third grade: Haida artist potlatch podcast and photos

• First grade: butterfly photo album, time-lapse photography, blog

• Kindergarten: photo album, egg photos and time-lapse photos, blog. Also, plants for mother's day could be time-lapsed


Recycling Club

• Poster

  1. Clean Paper
  2. Empty Plastic Bottles
  3. Everything Else -> Trash Can

• Recycling Club briefing to classes

  1. What can be recycled?
  2. Why do we keep non-recyclables out?

• Podcast

  1. Sam
  2. What we can recycle?
  3. Interview guy who recycles for district?

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