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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

Refurbishing a Sun SparcStation


I am working with a group of students at Islander Middle School to set up a firewall.


Here are the steps to take:


  • download OpenBSD (current)
  • burn ISO to CD
  • figure out how to boot the SparcStation 5 to the external CD drive
  • install new hard drive?
  • partition the drive
  • install OpenBSD
    • initial configuration
      • set a good root password
      • configure ssh, disallow root logins
      • consider having ssh listen on a different port
      • edit ssh banner
  • patch
    • what do you mean by this?
      • there is a command called patch. Try downloading one of the patches, running 'man patch' and seeing if you can apply the patch. You might have to recompile the kernel depending upon what you are patching.
  • set up a non-root administrative account
  • configure network cards
    • internal network (behind firewall)
    • external network (cable modem, DSL)
  • turn on NAT
  • turn on packet filtering
  • write packet filtering rules
  • deploy

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