Round the World Chain Reaction


Okay, here’s a warm up challenge 1.0 ~ 🎬 #RoundTheWorld_ChainReaction

Create a chain reaction element using a (cup) to trigger something else - RT your idea with a video

It can be physical, digital or a combo / outrageous examples & simple solutions are equally awesome!

— The Tinkering Studio (@TinkeringStudio) March 13, 2020




A few of us are building Chain Reaction machines that are triggered using Scratch Cloud Data variables.



Scratch Project: remix and you will have access to the Cloud Data variables. The Cloud Data variable is retained by your remix and you can write data to the Cloud Data. Note that you should use numbers in the Cloud Data, not names or words. Here is a link to the data page:



How it Works

Start by remixing the Scratch project. Your remix will retain the Cloud Data variable from the original project as well as be able to read and write to the Cloud Data container.


Note from the table below the order of the projects. Each of those projects is remixed to start when the Cloud Data variable gets written to their particular number.



This block of code watches the Cloud Variable designated as the input for the chain reaction machines. When your variable is placed in the list, your machine starts. 


You should write to the Cloud Variable output with the next number. I set the input back to 0 so the program is not constantly starting my machine.


In theory (and hopefully in practice) we can coordinate to have all the machines set up around the world and waiting for their turn to run. When Josh's machine is triggered it will set off the chain reaction that cascades through the other machines, who are watching the Cloud Data variable and waiting for their turn to run.


The Machines


1  Josh - jjburker  
2 Saskia - SauceKeyAh  
3 Patrick -   
4 Colleen -   
5 Lindsay -   
6 Angela -  
7 May -